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Subject-Verb Agreement

Identify which verb should be used in the following sentences.

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The dogs (bark/barks) loudly every night.

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She (want/wants) to travel to Italy next summer.

Question 4 of 48

Everyone (is/are) excited about the new movie.

Question 5 of 48

Neither the teacher nor the students (was/were) in the classroom.

Question 6 of 48

The team (is/are) playing well this season.

Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement

Identify and correct the pronoun-antecedent agreement errors in the following sentences.

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Each of the boys must bring their own lunch.

Question 9 of 48

If anybody calls, tell them I am out.

Question 10 of 48

Neither of the girls brought their umbrella.

Question 11 of 48

The committee has made their decision.

Question 12 of 48

Every student should bring their book.

Verb Tenses

Identify and correct the verb tense errors in the following sentences.

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She was eating dinner when the phone rings.

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They will visit us last summer.

Question 16 of 48

I have seen that movie yesterday.

Question 17 of 48

He is playing soccer every weekend.

Question 18 of 48

By the time you arrive, I had finished my homework.

Active vs. Passive Voice

Label each sentence as active or passive voice.

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The book was read by Maria.

Question 21 of 48

The chef cooked a delicious meal.

Question 22 of 48

The car was washed by the students.

Question 23 of 48

The manager approved the budget.

Question 24 of 48

The song was sung by the choir.

Parallel Structure

Identify and correct the errors in parallel structure in the following sentences.

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She likes reading, swimming, and to hike.

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The job requires attention to detail, the ability to multitask, and being punctual.

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He enjoys playing soccer, to read books, and watching movies.

Question 29 of 48

The teacher is patient, knowledgeable, and she inspires her students.

Question 30 of 48

The project involves researching, writing, and to present findings.


Identify and correct misplaced or dangling modifiers in the following sentences.

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Running to catch the bus, my book fell in the mud.

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After reading the whole book, the ending was disappointing.

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She served cookies to the children on paper plates.

Question 35 of 48

Driving down the road, a tree fell on the car.

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While taking a shower, the phone rang.


Identify and correct the punctuation errors in the following sentences.

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The dog's collar is red, and blue.

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She said "I'll be there soon".

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The meeting is scheduled for Monday June 10, 2023.

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He likes apples oranges and bananas.

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It's a beautiful day; isn't it?

Common Grammar Mistakes

Identify and correct the common grammar mistakes in the following sentences.

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Your going to love this movie.

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There are less people here than I expected.

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She is taller then him.

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Its time to go home.

Question 48 of 48

I should of studied harder for the test.

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