$599.00 USD

Interview Coaching

What you'll get:

*Package includes a combination of up to 4 hours of live coaching.

  • Your student will schedule 60-minute Zoom sessions with a coach.
  • We’ll teach the most important tips they will need to know to reduce anxiety, answer confidently, and ask the right questions.
  • We will conduct mock interviews using dozens of the most often asked questions.
  • We'll critique the interview skills that each student shows - highlighting what they do well and recommending what to do to improve.

What People Are Saying:

My daughter was accepted to 11 of the 14 schools she applied to and waitlisted for the other 3. She was offered a significant amount of merit scholarships and they accepted enough transfer credits to take a year off a very specialized degree. The interview prep was so helpful for her - I can't thank you enough!

Raj from Texas