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Welcome to School Applications Prep! We are a highly responsive and dedicated admissions counseling service, founded by Dr. Nathan Tymann. As a professional in higher education with decades of experience leading global corporate college internship programs, he and his team bring proven expertise in writing, interviewing, coaching, and strategic planning to help students achieve their admissions goals. 

We specialize in providing tailored assistance to help you or your student create a strategic plan for achieving academic goals. We offer comprehensive services, including building a personalized course plan, identifying suitable schools, tracking important milestones, crafting compelling application essays, excelling during admissions interviews, and much more.

With our expertise and support, you can confidently navigate the path towards academic success. Let us know how we can help you in reaching your goals!


Why Take This Journey Alone?

Seeking a better education is something worth investing in - whether for yourself or for your student. 


Where Would You Like To Start?

Apply for High School

Getting ready to apply to high school? We can help you!.


Apply for College

Preparing your college applications and want some guidance? Need to interview for admission or for a scholarship? Let our experts give you the advantage that you are looking for.


100% of the students we worked with in 2021 and 2022 were accepted into a school of their choice. 

Janet K

“Our son got into all four of the schools he applied to! We can’t thank you enough for all your help. Thank you!!”



Will A

Both my kids worked with Nathan, both kids had great application essays, both kids got into their #1 college pick. Highly recommend!”



Michelle V

“There is great value in the work that Nathan did with my son - so grateful that we made this decision!”



The Essay Formula

Write a Winning Application Essay

Identify and Showcase your Best Traits

What makes you the unique person that you are? Let us guide you with our proven method to uncover the value you can offer to your desired school.

Expand into an Effective Essay Structure

Schools expect you to answer their essay prompts in a certain format. We can help you to create an outline that meets their expectations while emphasizing your unique strengths.

Write Essays that are Ready to Submit

Great essays require the art of descriptive language and the science of grammatical rules and word count limits. You will have everything you need to impress the schools of your choice with your essays.

The Interview Formula

Then Give a Stellar Interview

Prepare With Your Strengths in Mind

Like writing an essay, the interview is your chance to communicate what makes you a great fit for the school which starts with building a list of your best traits.

Learn What to SAY and What to DO

It is unlikely that you will know exactly what interview questions you will be asked, so it is important to prepare a breadth of potential responses for the most likely types of questions.

Put Plan into Practice

Nothing will give you more skill and confidence before being interviewed than being mock interviewed by our team. We will role play and give you practical feedback.

100% Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident that we can help you to be successful that we will issue a refund if you work with us for at least 3 sessions and are not accepted into any schools.


Which School is Right for You?

This series on blogs will explore everything you need to better understand your fit and help you to plan for the future.

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