Everyone wants to live a happy life, feel proud of the gifts they uniquely can offer to the world, and achieve as much freedom as they can. The best way to make that dream a reality is with an education earned through hard work.


No matter what kind of student you have been in the past, you can achieve your goals with the help of a college degree. Let our team guide you through that process. 


I'm Nathan Tymann

After graduating from high school, I remember how much I struggled to complete college applications. It took so much time and I didn't know how to write those essays. Years later when my kids were looking into colleges I realized that the process wasn't any easier for them than it was for me. Thankfully, I learned the skills and gained the experience along the way to be able to guide them toward earning several college acceptance letters.

Now I use what I've learned about writing, interviewing, and hiring to help students to find their most relevant strengths and translate them into memorable and unique essays that schools want to see from applicants. I'll show you or your student how to impress the admissions decision makers and enable you to submit your best applications so that you can reap the rewards of a degree for the rest of your life.

Invest in Yourself

Learn how to build your strongest application with your uniqueness at the core.

Make a Plan

Take the stress out of the process with actions that meet your needs.

Achieve your Goal

Take that next step toward realizing the future opportunities that you really want.

Why We Do It

I am grateful to have the knowledge and experience that can lead to academic and professional success. I enjoy sharing my expertise in these areas with people who are motivated to learn from me because I believe that it will equip them to lead happier lives and ultimately make the world a better place. 

My team and I teach people from all around the world, so we offer a variety of times to accommodate students from different time zones. If you are interested in working with me or a member of my elite team of coaches, then please fill out the form on this web site so that we can match you with the person best equipped to meet your specific needs.

"Fantastic teacher! Nathan was so helpful and knowledgeable. My son learned a lot."

- Rick E

"Thank you so much for working with my daughter - we definitely will be back for college prep!"

- Jill M

"My husband and I wanted to give our son every advantage possible and working with Nathan was fantastic!"

- Lori V