Choosing the Right Private School: An Introduction to the Comprehensive Guide

Earlier this year, I wrote a series of articles to help high school students to prepare for college admissions. I heard from many of you that the series was invaluable in helping your family and your high schooler to navigate the college application process. I appreciate that feedback very much as it makes me feel great to help all of you through the exciting, but stressful and confusing college interview process. 

Still, others of you have let me know that parents who are considering private schools for their elementary or middle school children often seek additional information that can guide them through the decision-making process and help ensure the best educational experience for their child. Therefore, I will publish a new series of articles over the coming few months that will aim to help families with younger students. 

Here are the topics that I will publish each week to my website, 

  • Doing Your Research Before Applying to Private Schools 
      • Factors to consider when evaluating private schools
      • How to match the school's values with your child's needs 
  • Navigating the Admissions Process: Tips for Success 
      • Understanding admission requirements
      • Preparing for interviews and entrance exams 
  • Exploring Specialized Programs in Private Schools 
      • Overview of STEM programs, arts, sports, and other specializations
      • How to identify the best fit for your child's interests and talents 
  • Understanding the Cost of Private Education 
      • Breaking down tuition and additional fees
      • Exploring financial aid and scholarship opportunities 
  • Balancing Academics and Extracurricular Activities 
      • The importance of a well-rounded education
      • How to support your child's interests outside the classroom 
  • Building a Strong High School Resume for College Admissions 
      • Guidance on selecting courses and extracurriculars
      • Tips for community service and leadership roles 
  • Creating a Supportive Study Environment at Home 
      • Strategies for academic success
      • Balancing homework and downtime 
  • Understanding the Benefits of Small Class Sizes 
      • Impact on student-teacher relationships
      • Enhanced learning experiences in smaller settings 
  • Coping with Transition: Middle School to High School 
      • Preparing your child for the academic and social changes
      • Tips for a smooth transition to a new school environment 
  • Counseling and Guidance Services in Private High Schools 
      • The role of counselors in supporting students
      • Access to college and career guidance 
  • Technology Integration in Private Schools 
      • How schools incorporate technology in education
      • Preparing students for a tech-driven future 
  • Safety and Well-Being: A Priority in Private Schools 
      • Security measures in place
      • Programs addressing mental health and well-being 
  • Parental Involvement in Private School Communities 
      • Opportunities for parental engagement
      • Building a network of support within the school community 
  • Understanding Different Teaching Philosophies 
      • Overview of educational philosophies in private schools
      • Finding a match for your child's learning style  
  • Preparing for College: Private High Schools as a Stepping Stone 
      • How private high schools set the stage for college success
      • College preparation programs and resources

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